Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Great grocer, unhinged political thinker

Sometimes when shopping at Whole Foods, it irks me that the store is crammed with New Age magazines about Tibetan Buddhism and Yoga instead of also carrying the occasional Christian work. After all, my local Whole Foods here in Texas no doubt has far more Christian customers than shoppers who follow the Dharmic religions, so perhaps we'd be interested in a book about the environmental stewardship of Creation, for example. However, after learning about this smugly delivered slander on NPR today, I think I'll just stick to buying my organic arugula and be very, very grateful that Christianity isn't sullied by association with Whole Foods, the CEO of which has done a lot for the natural environment, but who ought to stop releasing dangerously extremist effluent into the political environment.


  1. Heh, I enjoyed the labels with which you tagged your post.

  2. I had to google the last one, but yes, I also like your labels.

  3. we used to shop at whole foods, then fairway opened and it's got much more stuff at better prices and is non-ideological. i too recoil from the new-agey stuff whole food pushes, but that stuff isn't political which may be why the owner likes it: it looks 'radical' while actually being only solipsistic. just like the owner's libertarian capitalism.