Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Religious, cultural, philosophical, political, and personal musings of a seamless garment Catholic: mostly my marginalia on the hypertextual manuscripts I encounter. I've commented rather frequently over the years on blogs maintained by Rod Dreher, Mark P. Shea, Leah Libresco, and Scott Alexander, among others, always with the handle "Irenist," which I selected mostly to remind myself to be irenic. You might know me from one of those blogs if you hang out in the comments. I'm a different person than "the Ironic Irenist" who blogs with a similar handle. In real life, my name is Tom.

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  1. Hello Tom -

    I'm Scott, known to you as bayesian from Dreher's. Thank you again for your lovely contributions (and occasional prolixity) there. You can email me if you wish at sjcaccts0@gmail.com.

    I'd like to take you up on your expressed interest in a defense of materialist metaphysics; I think it might be interesting for both of us, and maybe a very small number of other people. I'm curious about your thoughts of an appropriate venue for what I suspect would have to be a relatively slow, long form discussion. I have no particular desire to create and administer a blog for the purpose, but maybe ...

    In keeping with the monastic tradition of hospitality, would you be interesting in hosting a Materialist's Corner sub-blog here? It would be very irenic of you :)

    Speaking of hospitality, if you ever find yourself in greater Los Angeles (I infer that you're Irish, but not necessarily still resident there), it would be my great honour and pleasure to treat you to an appropriately monastic beverage or two (or even a secular one one) at an appropriate venue.

    With highest respect,