Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Bishop for Limerick

The Holy Father has appointed Fr. Brendan Leahy, a member of the Focolare movement, to the see of St. Munchin.

The amount of cynicism about the Church amongst Limerick people is hard to exaggerate. Even those in the diocese who still bother to attend Mass have weathered much pain in recent years, as the Catholic News Agency reports:

Bishop Murray, 72, resigned from the diocese in December 2009 after an Irish government report found he had acted “inexcusably” by not investigating serial sex abuser Fr. Tom Naughton when he was an auxiliary bishop of Dublin in the 1980s. The findings came amid continued reaction and controversy over the Catholic bishops’ response to the sexual abuse of minors.

CNA further reports that Fr. Leahy has “entrusted himself to the Virgin Mary and asked Catholics for their prayers.” He has mine! By God’s grace, may he succeed.

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